The LJC Restaurant Chain redefined casual dining with many theme restaurants. Among the brands it manages today are: Café Adriatico , Café Havana , Bistro Remedios , Larry’s Cafe and Bar, Abé , Fely J’s Kitchen , Lorenzo’s Way,
Cafe Adriatico Express, Polka Dot Bakeshop, LJC Catering Service and Abé’s Farm in Magalang, Pampanga, a lifestyle destination nestled on the foothills of Mt. Arayat.

Abé’s Farm is named after Emilio Aguilar Cruz, esteemed writer, artist, bon vivant and food lover and father of Larry J. Cruz. He was “Abé” to his peers, a Capampangan term which means friend.

Abé was very much a part of the LJC restaurants. His paintings and sketches adorned the walls and menus of most LJC restaurants. His concepts of a good meal and the good life and his artworks are signatures identified with the LJC Restaurant Group.


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